7:00    The Fresh Breath w/ Barbara R. Thomas

8:00     Gospel of the Kingdom w/ Ken Lewis

9:00     Hour of Faith and Deliverance w/ Pastors Jeremiah & Jeffrey Grimes

9:30     Sports Crusaders Live w/ Randy Curless

10:30   Word of Deliverance – Weekend w/ Bishop Anthony L. Trice

11:00    Heathline w/ Dr. Bob Marshall

12:30    The Greenlee Prayer HourMinister Ernest Greenlee

1:00      All Request Sweet Sounds of Music w/ Elder Mitchell Thorton

1:30      Heaven Sound’s w/ William RainerJr.

2:00      Developing A Fruitful MindPastor Carl Jackson

4:00      Standing on the Rock w/ Melissa Torres

4:45      Throne of Grace News w/ Evangelist Erma Williams

5:00       In the Word w/ Dr. Paul

5:30      Rivers of Water w/ Pastor Melba Boyd

6:30 God will Increase Ministries w/ Minister Courtney Washington

7:00      Gospel Soul Train w/ Allen Cohen

7:30       A Matter of the Heart w/ Pastor Larry Reese

7:45       Morning of Miracles w/ Pastor Cynthia LeFlore

8:00       Last Days w/ Pastor Mae Johnson

8:30       Voice of Victory w/ Pastor Dallas King



7:15     The Way It Ought to Be w/ Pete Hornbuckle

7:30     Gospel of the Kingdom  w/ Ken Lewis

8:00     Born to Win w/ Ronald L. Dart

8:30     Day of Decision  w/Paul Groman

9:30      Cote Brilliante Presbyterian w/ Rev. Clyde Crumpton

10:00    The Whole Truth  w/ Bishop Shelton Rapha

11:00    New Bethlehem Baptist Church w/ Bishop Hosea Gales

12:30     Call to Worship w/ Pastor Bernard Timmerman

1:00       Family Talk – Weekend w/ Dr James Dobson

2:30       Voice of Truth w/ Bishop L.R. Shelton

3:15       It’s in the Word of God w/ Elder Fred Bronner

4:00       Deeper Life w/ Reynaldo Cochren

4:30 Jack Van Impe Presents

6:00       Blind and Beyond w/  Michael Golder and Lynne Golder