5:45 (M)               Jesus is the Answer Ministry w/  Jeannette Taylor

8:45(T,Th)           Spirit of Victory w/ Lee & Doris Rice

9:15AM(M,W,F)  The Great Gospel Experience w/ Al Macdonald & Guest

9:15AM(T,Th)     Great Gospel Music Selections w/ Al Macdonald

10:15 (M,W,F)      Word of Deliverance w/ Bishop Anthony L. Trice

10:15 (T,Th)         Love’s Last Call w/ Carol Ann Caster

10:30 (T)              Flocks of Israel w/ Minister Earl Woods

10:30 (Th)            The Ministry of the Holy Spirit w/ Pastor Shirley Page

10:30 (F)               Right to the Doctor w/ Dr. Richard Cranwell

11:00 (M-Th)        Faith and Healing Academy w/ Ulysses Span & Rick Washington

11:15 (M-Th)        Blow the Trumpet, Sound the Alarm w/ Pastor St. Clair


2:30 (M, T, Th, F) The Alternative w/ Dr. Tony Evans

2:30 (W)                Looking Unto Jesus w/ Bishop Alton Davis

3:00 (M,W,F)         Solomon’s Temple w/ Bishop James Holloway

3:30 (T)                  Precious Word Gospel w/ Pastor C.E. Tiller

3:45 (Th)                Evangelistic Outreach w/ Elder Jerry Garret

5:30 (M)                 Back to the Streets w/ Pastor Larry Watts

5:30 (T, Th, F)        The Urban Alternative w/ Dr. Tony Evans

5:45 (T)                  Word Moment Ministries w/ Leonard Walker

6:30(M) God’s Vineyard x3 w/ Deacon Clarence Wilson

7.45(W)                  Call to Prayer w/ Janice Wooten

8:00 (Th)                Voice of Victory w/ Elder Dallas J. King

8:30 (W)                 Higher Heights Deliverance w/ Pastor Melvin Kindle

9:00 (M)                 T.R.U.T.H. in the Word w/ Gregshunda Jefferson

9:30 (M,T,W,H)       Know the Truth w/ Philip Decourcy